GOT7’s “ENCORE” promises ‘We Will Sing For You’
GOT7’s “ENCORE” promises ‘We Will Sing For You’

GOT7’s “ENCORE” promises ‘We Will Sing For You’

Earlier this year (January 19 to be exact) GOT7 finally departed JYP Entertainment. Ahgase on the other hand are very ecstatic about the news as they knew how the company has been mistreating the group for quite some time. Ahgase are hoping that their new found home will treat them better as they embark in their solo careers.

Upon GOT7 departure the members made a handwritten letter for their beloved Ahgase to assure them that they will forever be GOT7 and will continue to make music for Ahgase.

The letter translates as follows:
“Ahgase (short for GOT7’s fanclub name I GOT7), this is GOT7. First of all, we feel very apologetic to our Ahgase about writing a letter for a reason like this. We are parting ways without contract renewal with JYP [Entertainment], which launched our beginning with us and worked hard for us until the end, as we cheer on each other’s futures. All of us members will be taking on new starts with people who will take responsibility together for each of our individual futures. We are writing to you like this as we want to tell our fans first.
We know very well that no words can make up for the hurt feelings and uneasiness felt by Ahgase.
However, we think there is just one thing that we can really say to Ahgase as GOT7.
All of us want to continue making music for Ahgase, share it together, and continue spending time together in the future!
Rather than leaving the memories with Ahgase, who supported and watched over us who were imperfect, in the past, we want to aim towards the future with the memories. Making it reality instead of just a ray of hope, the seven of us will impress you for a long time as we each grow in different ways. Love you, I GOT7.”

This is very touching from them as Ahgase are also worried that it will take a while to make this happen. But as the members take their separate paths and do their solo activities the members of GOT7 are here to reassure and keep their promise to Ahgase as they release first their new music video after leaving the company.

If you are still doubting check out their music video release on Youtube titled “ENCORE” as they sing “ WE WILL SING FOR YOU” eight times with their amazing voices.

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