BTS at #Scammys/Grammys performing DYNAMITE
BTS at #Scammys/Grammys performing DYNAMITE

BTS at #Scammys/Grammys performing DYNAMITE

Being nominated in Grammys awards have been BTS’ dream. They were talking about this in many interviews and they were ecstatic as they were officially nominated. Watch their relatable reactions as they waited for their group to be announced:

As most of Armys will do, BTS was calling their loved ones to fill in about a historical news. BTS is the first Kpop act to be nominated in the Grammys.

After a few months the night has come and the show begun. As the show progressed they kept on teasing fans (Armys) just to keep you watching the award and they really did a good job as they were set to perform last at that nearly-four-hour-show just to see BTS perform their explosive hit song Dynamite.

Armys were angry and disappointed so they started trending #Scammys as equal to the name of the award show Grammys. So from “White Grammys” for favouring their likes over everyone else to “Scammys” from unfairly treating and using BTS. Of course on the eyes of the people who have seen Grammys do their job, it was not a surprised as they have a reputation to be set barriers to other cultures/race. Like in the case of The Weeknd where his hit song “Blinding Lights” becomes the first song in the Hot 100’s history to spend a year in the top 10 but it seems that the awards show remain narrow minded when it comes to others.

Here are some #Scammys tweet:

After all this we can all agree that DYNAMITE performance was astounding as BTS had a skyline background of Seoul, South Korea, their vocals and visuals are superior a perfect way to end a crappy show I mean the awards not the artist who performed too, they were also great not just their cup of tea.


Lastly to console Armys watch BTS’ leader RM’s humble words. I just wanna say it’s not luck it’s because you guys worked hard for it and you deserved it. I’m sure Armys would agree to this.

The official video performance for DYNAMITE is out on BANGTANTV, check out below:

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