BLACKPINK with French Fashion
BLACKPINK with French Fashion

BLACKPINK with French Fashion

With these logo K-pop lover knew who I am talking about. Each member has captured the eyes of French Fashion Houses making them sat on front row at fashion week and eventually became Ambassador.


Everytime is see JISOO she has this innocent look and style and with DIOR she looks more classy and elegant than ever. I always knew how she is the Goddess of Visuals.






JENNIE as we all know is into fashion ever since she was a kid. We can all agree that with Chanel she shines the most with her chic and cold aura and the way she advertise the brand is quiet creative.






ROSE used to have that sweet style in her fashion like colorful prints and with YSL it makes her look more edgy and intimidating thus making her more mature.






LISA slays street wear and her vide is full of swag that is why many can relate and copy her but with Celine she is willing to try new style like wearing a dress and still looked bad ass with her aura.





While all four of them catches the essence of their own brand which they represent the the most notable thing is that they still retain their personal style. Now many might argue that it is a compromise for the brand for it to be more relatable but for me this is what the brand saw in them and they want that to be part of the new era.

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