4 Buzz-worthy news in Kpop Town
4 Buzz-worthy news in Kpop Town

4 Buzz-worthy news in Kpop Town

  1. BTS is set to release their second all english single titled “BUTTER“. RM, the leader of BTS, described the song being “very energetic.. and very summery. It has a very dynamic performance.” Well ARMY should ready their social media accounts like tiktok or instgram to show their moves after the release and twitter to create a buzz and make trending hashtags for the Kings.

Check out the teaser of BUTTER below but if you want more check the link below for official page of BUTTER that will melt your heart.



2. Are you a fan of a lot of Kpop groups? If the answer is a yes you might be one of the viewers of Mnet’s TV Program Kingdom Legendary War where BTOB, iKon, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids and  Ateez are set to battle amongst them. After every ranking viewers were not happy about the results but it was bearable beause they couldn’t see who are scoring them. However on May 13, Episode 7 of Kingdom kick-off with Round 3 Collaboration Battle fans saw the judging pannel and they were fuming and questioning the credibility of the judges. A lot of viewers commented that they were more of a fan than a judge, some of them are also rookie idols and doesn’t have expertise and or experience on the said matter. To summarize it, watch the video below so enlighten you.


3. Three days after signing an exclusive contract with H1ghr Music Jay B released his solo debut single “Swithc It Up” (feat. Sokodomo, Prod. Cha Cha Malone)  this is about love, a sexy love, a very sexy love and the lyrics goes “Like a wave, Baby ride my Body Girl, nice and calm tonight”


4. B.I, former leader of iKON released his new single titled “Got It Like That” featuring singer Destiny Rogers and rapper Tyla Yaweh. Again B.I keep on giving us this heavenly laid back songs. Fans are happy that B.I is back and as the lyrics says “Be my own boss, Ain’t no limit, ’cause it ain’t my fault” sounds like a diss but it’s a fact.


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